Bad Credit Auto Financing – 3 Ways To Get Approved More Easily

You can easily find auto financing, even if you have bad credit. Shopping online allows you to find reasonable rates with speedy service. You can also make your application look more appealing by increasing your down payment and asking for pre-approval.

1. Shop Online For Auto Loan Financing

Shopping online for you auto loan has a number of benefits, including speed. Car loan applications are processed quickly since information is entered directly into a lenderís database. No hassle with filling out paper forms.

You can also speedily compare rates, the number one way to save money on your auto loan. Finding the lowest APR ensures that you arenít getting scammed by unscrupulous lenders. Even with poor credit, you can expect to find reasonable rates with subprime lenders.

Online Shopping lenders are also able to offer more competitive rates since they can limit their overhead costs.

2. Increase Your Down Payment.

Increasing your down payment can also speed up your approval. A large down payment of 20% or more can offset a negative credit score. Lenders are more likely to approve your application, and you often will qualify for better rates. A down payment builds immediate equity into the secured loan, reducing the risk that you would default.

When you are getting loan quotes, be sure to include the down payment amount. Some lenders will give you a deeper discount than others. Just remember to adjust your down payment for closing costs, such as taxes and licensing.

3. Ask For Pre-Approval Loan Process

Getting pre-approved for auto financing can also get you approved quicker. Instead of asking the lender for a certain amount, you ask the lender what they will lend to you. Based on your credit score and financial history, you will be presented with a maximum credit amount. You can choose to use all or part of the amount.

Pre-approved car loans also give you an added advantage when car shopping. Once approved, a lender will send you a blank check. You have guaranteed financing, much like a cash buyer. As a result, dealerships are prepared to offer you lower prices or more features.

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